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Mcc fatal cns malformation neoplasm - mimics oligodendroglioma (fried egg cell) but neu-n and synaptophysin +, grade i, found in ventricles central neurocytoma herniation - lethal compression of medulla, leads to duret hemorrhages tonsillar herniation herniation and displacement causing small vessel rupture duret hemorrhages trauma - head injury leading to coma, no hematoma or contusion or herniation, axonal swelling and retraction balls, happens over days diffuse axonal injury (dai) hydrocephalus - in elderly, progressive dementia, gait impairment, incontinence due to expanding ventricles normal pressure hydrocephalus shunt-responsive developmenta - previously-formed portion of cortex is destroyed porencephaly posturing - flexed arms, extended legs decorticate, lesion above red nucleus cva - small infarcts, basal ganglia and pons, typically relating to hypertension (lipohyaline change in small perforating arteries), thickeningn but paradoxical weakening of arteries lacunar infarcts infection type - csf shows high pmns, high protein, low glucose, infection of convexity bacteria docility, overeating, hyperorality, hypersexuality, visual agnosia, often linked to hsv encephalitis kluver-bucy bilateral amygdala lesion suppression of this area = depression elevation = mania ventromedial pfc degenerative - alpha synuclein and lewy bodies in glia, variable symptoms including pd, olivopontocerebellar atrophy, dysautonomia msa (multiple system atrophy) trauma - hemorrhagic necrosis of gyri tips at frontal base and temporal tips, brain bruise contusion (begins red, turns orange coup - moving object hits head contra-coup - moving head hits still object (fall, mva, e. viagra online Viagra prices australia is viagra a prescription drug in canada how long does viagra 20 mg last G. generic viagra canada no prescription how long does viagra 20 mg last viagra funciona yahoo respostas buy viagra ) degenerative - superoxide dismutase gain of function mutation familial als infection - space-occupying lesion with four zones (central necrosis, fibrous capsule, reactive astrogliosis and edema), mimics tumor abscess (commonly microaerophilic bacteria, staph, fungi, toxo) cannot evaluate self (e. buy cheap viagra viagra in uk online Viagra 5mg free trial G. Viagra und viagra zusammen eingenommen how long does viagra 20 mg last canadian viagra without a doctor prescription Learn from error), shows inertia dorsolateral pfc lesion degenerative - globose tau tangles, mickey mouse midbrain, issues with rigidity, gait, conjugate gaze progressive supranuclear palsy dementia - alpha synuclein, lewy bodies in cortical neurons, fluctuating and visual hallucinations lewy body dementia (includes elements of both parkinsons and alzheimers) neoplasm - peripheral nerves and roots, schwann cells, loose, no verocay bodies. cheap generic viagra india generic viagra online viagra online buy cheap viagra buy generic viagra viagra how to use viagra 20 mg much viagra doctor prescription viagra 100mg price usa viagra online no rx viagra 5 mg cost